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Dari is a 23 year young music artist. His music style is more orientated into the pop genre.


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About Dari

Dari is a 23 year young music artist. He can be categorized into the pop genre and puts his focus on melodical vocals  in his songs.

In 2016 he started off writing lyrics to existing songs but never had the intention of releasing music. 2018 he wrote his first song “Come To Me” which he released a few months later.

Dari never planned releasing music cause for him it was some sort of therapy. Writing lyrics helped him process his emotions through good and bad times.

Grewing up in Germany he always listened to english pop and RnB. Later he also switched to HipHop/Rap music where Tory Lanez and Big Sean were his first artists he listened to. Never thought of making music even though it was his passion but the universe had different plans for him.

In 2020 he released his first mixtape “Getting Out Of Heartbreaks” and his single “Come To Me P2”. In 2021 he released his first song of the year called “Emotions”, followed by the songs “Call Me At 3AM” and “With U”

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