3 new rappers that will blow up in 2020

We are in mid February 2020 and with it are coming many new music artists. This article is all about 3 new rappers of 2020 that will blow up in my opinion. I follow these 3 artists for a while now and Im pretty sure that they will be big by the end of this year.

Iann Dior

Who is Iann Dior

One of new rappers of 2020 i bet will blow up (if he didnt already) is Iann Dior. I follow this artist for like a year now (first song i heard from him was “Emotions”) and Im really into his melodic rap sound. His topics are mostly heartbreak related. Iann Dior is signed to the label 10K projects which also brought out the artists Tekashi69 and Trippie Redd.

Popular songs

His debut mixtape called “Nothing Is Ever Good Enough” with the lead single “Emotions” and a few other songs which most of them were published before on SoundCloud was published in May 2019.

He published is first album called “Industry Plant” last year on november 8th in 2019 which included songs like “Strings” (feat. Gunna) and “Gone Girl” (feat. Trippie Redd). Most recently Gone Girl went Gold.

Whats cool is that Iann makes a similar music to mine and I think we should collab in the future if possible. So Iann if you reading this hmu 😀

Why he will be one of the hottest new rappers 2020

I think Iann Dior already made himself a name but he still is underrated. He got a pretty big fanbase and his songs definitly are worth listening to. He is planning to release a new project soon and Im hyped frfr. His melodics are very in tune and to be honest I can feel his vibe. His voice on the beats he choses fits perfectly and thats why Im guessing his rise in 2020.

The Kid Laroi

Who is The Kid Laroi

The second of the new rappers in 2020 is the 16 year old The Kid Laroi from Australia. He is signed to Columbia Records since 2019 and was mentored by Juice Wrld (R.I.P) which he met on Juices Australia Tour. Laroi was the opening act on this tour and so the two came in contact.

Popular songs

You probably already know him for his first hit single “Let Her Go” or by his most recent song which features Lil Tecca called “Diva”. Both songs video were shot by the one and only Cole Bennet and were published on his YouTube Channel Lyrical Lemonade. Diva accumulated over 10 million streams in 2 weeks and is in a permanent loop in my playlist. Highly recommended!!

Why he will be one of the hottest new rappers 2020

Like Iann Dior Larois melodics are extremly good. I really be feeling his music and I think he learned very much from Juice. With both of his songs shot by Cole Bennet, already having a big feature with Lil Tecca and various connections like G Herbo and Cole Bennet his future looks very bright. Im really looking forward for whats next for The Kid Laroi

The Hxliday

Who is The Hxliday

The 18 year old rapper from Maryland made a buzz with his singles “Enemy” and “Mistakes” (which I bump everyday). He works close together with Lyrical Lemonade – a multi-media company specializing in music videos, live events, exclusive content and more – which made itself a big name in the music industry.

Popular songs

His most popular songs are “Enemy” and “Mistaken”. The video for Mistakes was shot by Cole Bennet from Lyrical Lemonade and accumulated 2,6 millions streams. The Hxliday is currently working on an EP that he is planning to release soon – no date confirmed yet. Im very confident that he will make himself a name but thats just something that time will tell.

Why he will be one of the hottest new rappers 2020

Like Laroi Hxliday got a pretty big name behind him. Cole Bennet is Known for giving unknown artists the chance to shine and thats what I think will The Hxliday do if he continues to make music. Great melodics which give me chills everytime I hear them. Of course he has to prove himself so Im ready for his upcoming project.

So that was my list of the 3 new rappers that will make it big in 2020. Be sure to come back at the end of 2020 to see if I was right or wrong. Im looking forward to see what this year will offer us in terms of music. Maybe someone totally different – who knows. Thank you for tuning in see you next time.

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