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Welcome To My Blog Page

On this page Im publishing experiences and want you to be part of my life. When do i release blog posts? I dont got a fixed time schedule but Im trying my best to keep you guys updated. A lot of love to y`all. Dari


3 new rappers that will blow up in 2020

We are in mid February 2020 and with it are coming many new music artists. This article is all about 3 new rappers of 2020 that will blow up in my opinion. I follow these 3 artists for a while now and Im pretty sure that they will be big by the end of this


Daris first live interview experience – How it proceeded

Yes you heard right. I had my first live interview. On friday the 7th I was interviewed. It was scheduled from 4:30PM to 4:50 PM and will soon be published on various radio stations. This article will show you all of my expressions of that specific day. I hope you enjoy it. The whole day


The beginning of the journey PT 3

A quick resume; In summer 2017 I nearly went to a studio to record a song but it was cancelled and after that I left music behind again. Football was my main focus but I slowly lost interest in it. One day in spring 2018 it was by accident I stumbled on an article with


The beginning of the journey PT 2

So as I said in the last blogpost I planned to begin with a music career. I focused on become a professional soccer player so I slowly left music behind. But that was not the end tho. A year later (summer 2017) I found back to music. A former friend of mine discovered my old


The beginning of the jouney PART 1

How did i start with music? It all started at August 19th 2016. I listened to Meek Mills “Lord Knows” and was wondering who this Tory Lanez guy was because tbh he had such a chill sound so I searched him up. What a coincidence it was that at this exact day he dropped his

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