Daris first live interview experience – How it proceeded

Yes you heard right. I had my first live interview. On friday the 7th I was interviewed. It was scheduled from 4:30PM to 4:50 PM and will soon be published on various radio stations. This article will show you all of my expressions of that specific day. I hope you enjoy it.

The whole day I was thinking about the interview. I woke up at 5 AM and then headed to the gym to train legs. After that I went home and practiced some vocal exercises like I do everyday. Then I meditated and went to headed to work. I left work early and rushed home again to participate at the interview.

To be honest I was pretty nervous and didnt know how it will proceed. But as the interview continued i started getting more comfortable. It was such a vibe. Im so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

The host was very accomodating and that made it much easier for me too loosen up and be more comfortable. We had a phone conference so it was not face to face, somewhat more like a skype call type interview but really enjoyed it. Probs to the host!! It really didnt feel like a questions-answer type thing. More like a normal conversation. As previoulsy mentioned it really was a vibe and time passed by so quick that the 10-15 minutes really felt like 3 minutes and I guess thats a good sign that the interview was indeed very entertaining and not boring.

Im looking forward to more interviews so the people are able to get to know me more and to spread my message. Since it was my first “live” interview Im very looking forward too see me on the screen and how I performed. Hopefully not to cringy or to nervous. I will add the link to the interview as soon as the host publishes it.

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