The beginning of the jouney PART 1

How did i start with music? It all started at August 19th 2016. I listened to Meek Mills “Lord Knows” and was wondering who this Tory Lanez guy was because tbh he had such a chill sound so I searched him up. What a coincidence it was that at this exact day he dropped his first album “I Told You”. So I listened to the whole album and it was such a vibe like I was really fascinated by the concept of it. The next day I searched him up again and he dropped a single called “Diamonds”. I fell in love with it the first time i listened to it. (Its one of my favorite songs till this day) These two projects of Tory Lanez inspired me so much that I tried to write a remix off Diamonds. It was the first time I wrote a song and yea it really didnt worked as I thought it would be. To be honest my first lyrics were trash – like foreal lol. But from that moment on I wrote lyrics to many popping songs (and I was getting more and more into the american hip/hop culture) at that time and it really paid off. My lyrics increased in quality and I noticed that I was getting better and better and music helped me through tough times because I processed my emotions with the lyrics i wrote. It was merely just a hobby because at that time I had other priorities. The dream of becoming a professional soccer player. I let it slide but that wasnt the end for music….

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