The beginning of the journey PT 2

So as I said in the last blogpost I planned to begin with a music career. I focused on become a professional soccer player so I slowly left music behind. But that was not the end tho. A year later (summer 2017) I found back to music. A former friend of mine discovered my old lyrics and he was like “dang boy those are good tho. Why did you never tell me that you make music.” I said that I dont take it serious and it was just for fun but he motivated me to start over again. So I continued to write lyrics to existing songs. Everday I wrote 2-3 songs. I went crazy. The quality improved and I got better and better. It went so far that I nearly went to a studio to record a song but it went not as planned. After that I said that its not worth it cause I still was focused on going pro as a soccer player. For the second time I left music behind..

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