The beginning of the journey PT 3

A quick resume; In summer 2017 I nearly went to a studio to record a song but it was cancelled and after that I left music behind again. Football was my main focus but I slowly lost interest in it. One day in spring 2018 it was by accident I stumbled on an article with the topic “type beats on youtube”. I never wrote on a beat other than it existed before (a remix), but after the article I searched up type beats on youtube. I stumbled on an afro trap type which really had a vibe. I listened to it once and then wrote down lyric after lyric. I made an audio on my Iphone and sent it to Sreezi (Sascha) one of my best friends and others I trusted to get some opinions on it. To be honest it was really bad quality but they all were shocked and suprised at first. No one really thought that i make music but they all said that it got potential. They all said to me “Dari please record it” but I had no studio to record it. Like it was destined I met an old friend whom I knew from football who also started to make music and he gave me a number of a producer. I drove to him and we recorded my first song. Later that song better known as “Come To Me” would accumulate more than 500000 streams in a year and it was the start of a new journey for me.

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